5 Ways To Practice Self-Love Through Choosing Healthy Foods

Lori Moulton Booty
6 min readFeb 22, 2022
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A simple, basic step towards loving yourself

Some things you just can’t control in life, like the illness of a loved one, a toxic family member, a boss that is overbearing, or the kids being sent home for virtual schooling. But, there is one thing you can take control over, that will make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. The most simple, basic step towards loving yourself more, is choosing healthy foods to eat. Choose foods that nourish your body. It’s not always easy, with so many temptations around, but it can be simple.

We all know that we need to be eating foods with nutrients that our body can absorb. You may not know exactly what foods to eat, but you know it involves fruits and vegetables. There are so many diets out there to try, keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, the carnivore diet, etc., but those diets can complicate things and make you feel deprived.

Try these simple tips to make things less complicated when choosing healthy foods

This is how I’m focusing on adding more nutrients into my diet, while reducing some of the overly processed foods that can be found at restaurants and on grocery store shelves. I lost 22 pounds using these methods a few years ago. I kept them off until a traumatic event happened in my life. Now, I’m ready to feel healthier again.

  1. Add vegetables and fruit to your diet. Instead of counting calories and worrying about how much you’re eating, try to add 2–3 servings of vegetables and fruit to every meal. Aim for 5–7 servings in a day. Some studies show 7–9 is optimal, but you can start a little slower. When you’re having a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, throw in a couple handfuls of berries. For lunch, make a big salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and whatever other vegetables you like. Dinner can be lean meat with a few sides of roasted vegetables. By the time you add in all the vegetables, you will not feel deprived of food at all!
  2. Reduce bagged or boxed foods. These foods are highly processed with minimal nutritional value (with a few exceptions). They contain artificial, genetically modified, or highly refined ingredients. These foods are not helping you practice…
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