“Anytime You Are Questioning Your Worth, It’s Time To Make Changes.”

Lori Moulton Booty
4 min readMay 4, 2022

A guide for figuring out what those changes should be.

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I was listening to a podcast the other day, with the founder of Turn Up With Tanci. She said something that really struck me as so true. She said, “Anytime you are questioning your worth, it’s time for change.” I thought, “Oh wow! She’s right about that.” Looking back over my past, I felt very unworthy every time I ever made big changes in my life.

Like, when I cut out gluten and other unhealthy foods from my diet. I thought that healthier food was the answer to my digestive problems and weight gain. It turns out, that it was really my emotional health and self-worth that needed work. Eating healthier foods was making myself a priority, and learning to practice self-love.

Or, the time when I was really struggling with my worth at my teaching job. That was truly about not being happy with my work environment. I was worthy of better treatment. I needed to make a change in what and where I was teaching. Once I changed schools and grade levels, I was so happy, and bonus, my administrator was so happy with the job I was doing.

Are You Questioning Your Worth?

-You can know you are feeling unworthy if you do a lot of trash talk about yourself during the day.

“I’m so stupid. Why can’t I get it right?”

“My boss hates me. She always picks someone else to lead the project.”

“If I were just a little skinnier, he would be more attracted to me.”

“They would invite me if I were more fun to be around.”

-You know you are feeling unworthy if you are hiding a part of yourself. You don’t talk to anyone about what you are feeling vulnerable about. I didn’t talk to anyone about my trouble at work. I felt so embarrassed that I wasn’t living up to my boss’ expectations.

-You know you are feeling unworthy if you isolate yourself. It’s just easier not to see anyone, we think. You imagine seeing disappointment on their face, or them asking critical questions. If you stay home, you can avoid all that.

-You are feeling unworthy when you try to do everything perfectly. If you make one little mistake…

Lori Moulton Booty

Certified Transformational Coach, Masters in School Counseling, Teacher, helping others heal from emotionally abusive relationships and build self-love..