The True Narcissism Test

Lori Moulton
5 min readJul 20, 2022

Wonder no more about whether this person is narcissistic.

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You Could Spend Years Wondering if Someone is Narcissistic

You could spend years wondering if someone is a narcissist or has narcissistic tendencies. It can be so confusing. Are they grandiose? Sometimes, but not always. Do they show empathy? Sometimes they do. Do they think they deserve special privileges? Not necessarily, but sometimes, depending on the situation.

Narcissism is on a spectrum. Some narcissists are malignant, it’s not too confusing to tell if they are narcissistic, but others are covert, and don’t act like what we typically think of with narcissism. When I first learned of narcissism, I thought of one of my exes. He loved to purchase expensive cars, watches, clothing, and other things that made him look good to others. He exaggerated his experience with whatever the other person was interested in. He wasn’t very faithful, either.

However, there are other people in my life that are more confusing to figure out. Just when I think, “Oh yeah, that person is a narcissist!”, they will do something generous or apologize for our last argument. Then, I start to doubt myself again.

The ex of one of my friend’s seemed so laid back and nice. Come to find out, he was very sneaky, creating doubt and havoc, then acting like he didn’t know…



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