Your Intuition Is the Key to Making It Out of a Narcissistic Relationship

Lori Moulton
7 min readDec 2, 2022

Yes, we all have it, but you’ve been trained not to use it.

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You Were Born With Intuition

You were born with intuition, but somewhere along the way, you were trained to stop listening to it. Even as an infant, you could look at your mother or father’s face, and know whether they were a loving caregiver or a distant presence. As you grew, you cried in anger or frustration, and your caregivers told you to shush. Your teachers told you not to talk when you had something to say, because you would disrupt the lesson.

As a child, you could sense when your parents were arguing, and you needed to stay quiet. But, then they told you everything was fine. They were not arguing. You began questioning your feelings. You possibly even had a narcissistic parent, that told you your thoughts were not right. Or, a critical parent that told you to “act proper”, don’t be yourself.

After years of being told you were wrong, or you couldn’t speak when you wanted to, you decided someone else was “the expert” in every area of your life. I know I felt doctors were the expert, and knew more about my body than I did. I blindly followed what they told me to do for years, until some family members had scary incidents. My parents were experts about big life decisions, the guy…



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